Our statement on SSM & reaffirmation of our ethos

The 3Dnet Mission Network takes seriously the current discussion around marriage within the UCA and continue to affirm the Memorandum of Understanding signed by 3Dnet congregations. This includes the ethos of “Adherence to sexual ethics that hold to the standard of celibacy in singleness and faithfulness in marriage.”

Since its inception common agreement around the Memorandum of Understanding has allowed 3Dnet to remain focused on our Mission of “Building relevant congregations that are evangelistically effective and faithful in their life and ministry.”

With changes to Australian Marriage Law and upcoming discussion around the UCA Doctrine of Marriage at the 15th Assembly, it has become necessary to address the issue for the benefit of our ongoing Mission.

In discussion with other like-minded leaders across the UCA, the 3Dnet Leadership Team are currently working on resources for congregations and leaders to help process this information. We acknowledge the difficulty some ministers, churches, and leaders may be beginning to experience and have conversations around.

Please continue to pray that God would be glorified in the lives of our congregations and leaders through the discussions and outcomes of the months ahead.