About Us

3Dnet Mission Network is a network of evangelical congregations in the Uniting Church in South Australia. Currently seventy congregations have entered into an agreement to network together and support each other in mission. Our key purpose is to build relevant congregations that are evangelistically effective and fruitful in their life and ministry. We place a strong emphasis on leadership development and the making of disciples of Jesus Christ. Our culture is one of mutual encouragement in which network members are urged to connect with one another across the network in ever increasing, deepening and mutually rewarding ways. We emphasise the importance of a God-given vision in establishing a congregation’s direction and self-understanding. We believe in the health and growth of churches and seek to enhance the fruitfulness of all our congregations. We draw upon the timeless truth of scripture as the foundation of life and salvation. We also are very pragmatic in learning from many disciplines in order to create patterns, systems and structures that really make a difference in developing effective leaders and influential churches. We preserve the core and process the culture. We believe that God calls us to new expressions of worship and mission, so we seek to be faithful to scripture and to the innovative call of the Spirit of God.